Sunday , 21 January 2018

Active and Passive Voice - Assertive sentences

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Active and Passive Voice - Assertive sentences

Imperative sentence:

  • Use “let” in start of the sentence
  • Past particle
  • Appropriate helping verb
  • “be” is used as the preposition


Active voice

Passive voice

Shut the door

Let the door be shut.

Open your books.

Let you books be opened.

Do it at once.

Let it be done at once.


Interrogative (wh) sentences:

In most of the interrogative sentences the technique and rules remain the same but whenever “who” is used for questioning “By whom” is used in the passive voice accompanied by preposition to make a sense in the passive voice.

Note: Apart from the above mentioned the rest of the things remain the same in conversion, As it is done in other sentences.

Active voice

Passive voice

Who is knocking at the door?

By whom the door is being knocked?

Why did you beat him?

Why was he beaten by you?

When did he write this letter?

When was this letter written by him?