Sunday , 21 January 2018

Past Perfect Tense

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Past Perfect Tense

Past Perfect Tense:


  • Always use 3rd form of the verb.
  • So “sleep” becomes “slept”, “break” becomes “broken” etc.
  • The helping verb of past perfect tense is (had)
  • As (had) is the only helping verb of past perfect tense, so it is obvious that it will be used with all nouns and pronouns.
  • Example of simple or positive sentence
  • He had done his work.
  • I had cleaned the room.
  • In negative sentence not is used after the helping verb.
  • (had not)
  • Example of negative sentence
  • He had not done his work.
  • I had not cleaned the room.
  • In interrogative sentences helping verb is used in start of the sentence.
  • Example of interrogative sentence
  • Had he done his work?
  • Had you cleaned the room?